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i remember them lmao but the hottest guy there was the british guy who said he auditioned for the part of cedric in goblet of fire

I’m sorry I’m going to stop you right there they were tan Danish gymnasts pls leave

I’m going to a retreat at a summer camp for APO tomorrow, hopefully there are hot danish camp counselors there just like the ones that made me realize I was gay when I went to summer camp


for my ALS ice bucket challenge, i nominate… the archpriests of the illuminati! show yourselves, cowards, if you dare!

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when people you know get bad tattoos



ur fave is problematic. *spins the celebrity wheel* Keira Knightley is guilty of *spins the problematic wheel* appropriating the struggles of *spins the marginalized group wheel* minimum wage workers, and refuses to acknowledge her *spins the privilege wheel* male privilege.

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when I upgrade my phone I’m totally going to make the kill bill siren my new ringtone


So I made a thing

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you put the killing thing between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do the killing

you put your mouth on a dirty sign for a tumblr post

i’ve put my mouth on worse

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Reading thru the Ys cuz I can’t reach any other shelves

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The entire story begins because of this, I’m crying

I say I hate the gays but honestly I hate straight boys so much more


when he tells you he 8 1/2 and he barely 6


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"If you are a young person who is still malleable and subject to having your mind changed, and you decide to engage with socially liberal politics online, what are you going to learn immediately? Everything that you like is problematic. Every musician you like is misogynist. Every movie you like is secretly racist. Every cherished public figure has some deeply disqualifying characteristics. All of your victories are the product of privilege. Everyone you know and love who does not yet speak with the specialized vocabulary of today’s social justice movement is a bad, bad person.That is no way to build a broader coalition, which we desperately need if we’re going to win.”

-The Intersection of Social Liberalism and Social Media is Brutal (Kevin Drum, Mother Jones)

In other words why Tumblr doesn’t get it

  • me: *sees dog*
  • me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*
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